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Our Story


Our story starts and is ingrained in the legacy of Laika. Laika was a stray terrier (a mixed breed but appeared to be a form of Jack Russel) found in the streets of Moscow by the Russian space agency and became the first dog (and mammal) in space. She was perfectly suited for the job. She was resilient in her nature, and thought to be tough enough to overcome all space preparation tests and to be most likely to survive being in space.

On 3 November 1957, Laika was on board the Sputnik 2 space shuttle that was launched into orbit. Her role as an astronaut was to provide vital information into human’s ability to tolerate space in the heated race for human space exploration in the 1960’s. Although sadly, Laika’s journey involved a one-way trip, her legacy played a pivotal role in space exploration and the development of satellite technology which enhanced the quality of human life. Of many examples in history such as Smoky who helped troops in World War Two, Hachikō’s demonstration of loyalty, Just Nuisance’s role in the royal navy where dogs have played a vital role in society, Laika’s legacy is a prime example of why as humans we need to remind ourselves of the influence dogs have in our lives.


Laika’s influence in history inspired our core company purpose which is:


To enhance the value of human and dog’s lives, promote the importance of dog’s roles in society, and promote the mobility of dogs alongside humans which we accomplish through our services.

By giving dogs the recognition they deserve as a relationship partner instead of a ‘pet’ we are focusing on the value they can provide. Value such as emotional support, stress relief, someone to talk to about your problems, share your inspirations with, and receiving joy from unconditional loyalty. Whether you are a billionaire or blue-collar worker, politician or store clerk, anyone’s life can be influenced for the better by a dog.

We invite you to join the movement by recognizing and celebrating the value of dogs in society.
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