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dog & home sitting
Dog & Home Sitting
A sitter inhabits your home to enhance safety, and takes care of your loved one(s).
  • You receive assurance that your loved one(s) receives food & water, and gets some much deserved love, attention and company.


  • Your home receives extra security in terms of a sitter providing a presence within your home to enhance security.


  • An action taker is on hand in case of an emergency.


  • The sitter can perform other household related tasks such as feeding other animals and turning irrigation systems on and off.


  • Normal times: Sitter is in the home from 17:00 till 08:00 (unless otherwise specified). 

R 249 a night
dog and home visits
Dog & Home Visits
A sitter visits your home to provide your loved one(s) with necessities such as food and water, and provides them with attention, love and a friendly presence.
  • The sitter will normally play around with your dog for a bit (we just love to), and your dog gets to calm down if he/she has anxiety because of his/her missed loved ones.


  • The visitor can also ensure other animals have necessities such as food or water (R89 in total for up to 5 animals which can include dogs and cats. Any extra animals are R29 extra per animal per visit).


  • The visitor can take care of household related tasks such as switching lights or irrigation systems on and off.


  • You can also treat your loved one with some exercise while you are gone to ensure they are relaxed and get a good night’s rest (walks are extra, see dog walking prices).


  • Normal visiting amounts a day: 2 times (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) (pay per visit).


  • Service duration is 35 to 45 minutes, depending on tasks.

R 289 a night
R 89 per visit, one visit a day
R 149 for two visits in one day
specialty dog walking
Specialty Dog Walking
A walker takes your loved one(s) for a walk/run to get some exercise, maintain their health and have fun. 
  • Walks range from 15 to 45 minutes (depends on breed, size, health, fitness, psychological disposition and regular activity).


  • Walkers vary routes to keep dogs interested and enticed in walking.


  • Walkers make walks as fun as possible with play techniques.


  • Times for walking can be arranged at the meet and greet.


  • For weekly reoccurring walks please contact us directly before payment.


  • Two small dogs could be walked together per walk. However, that depends on the willingness and ability of the dogs to walk together, fitness, obedience, training, nature of dogs, and on the judgement of the walker in managing both dogs safely simultaneously. Big dogs are walked one at a time. 

R 89 per walk
  • Walking services are subject to weather conditions. We regard the safety of dogs (and walkers) to the highest degree.


  • Thus, we do not offer walking services in extreme weather conditions, which include 1) intense cold of 8 degrees celcius or less, 2) intense heat of 32 degrees celcius or more, 3) rain or thunder, or other storms. For the safety of your dog and ours, we reserve the right to withhold services.


  • Although we keep the walks as fun and engaging as possible, walking services are subject to dog’s willingness and abilities to walk. We walk/run as the dogs want to run, and we reserve the rights to withhold services.


Please contact us before using our services for the following:

  • Owners who aim to use walks as a means for weight loss. The walker/runner will suggest an exercise schedule (frequency, length and intensity of runs) depending on the type of dog breed, fitness, health, and other exercise).

  • Husky owners who require walks in the early mornings or late evenings to ensure the conditions are cold enough.

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