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Any Questions?

Is Laikadog the right solution for my dog?

If you are one that does not like to pay hefty fees for kennel or doggy hotel services, driving far distances to drop and fetch your dog at kennels (or pay extra for it), or that would prefer that your dog is in a comfortable environment that they are familiar with, while receiving personal attention and love, then we believe the we are the right option for your loved one(s).

Can I trust the person looking after my dog / home to do a good job?

Yes. We offer high-quality services for you and your dog. Therefore, we train the sitter/visitor/walkers to exhibit the quality services we offer. We have a strict hiring process whereby we hand pick and select only the individuals we believe would best represent Laikadog and provide services professionally. All candidates selected go through basic training to ensure safety and quality service standards with other sitters/vistors/walkers before they could provide services.


Examples of training consist of dog and home safety. For dog safety sitters/visitors/walkers open and close doors in a manner to prevent dogs from running away, look out for potential hazards such as swimming pools or stairs that the dog could injure himself with, dangerous objects that could be accessible and ingested, balance walking on surfaces to prevent paw fatigue, maintaining safety space of dogs in area of moving vehicles and correct handling of other dog encounters, use of techniques for calming dogs down when stressed and use of play techniques to create engagement. For home safety example of aspects looked at range from being vigilant for suspicious activities, maintaining the household by ensuring all things switched off or on are switched correctly, using checklists to ensuring all doors are locked, and what to do in case of emergency.

What happens in case of an emergency?

In the case of an emergency we will contact you immediately and work with you to rectify the situation. If we cannot reach you for whatever reason, we will contact the secondary contacts given to us upon your registration and work with them to solve the problem.

What is the booking policy?

We require full upfront payment for the service to be booked. You can move your booking 24 hours before the service is scheduled to be delivered if you wish to do so. If you do not contact us before 24 hours of the scheduled service booking to move the booking and the services have been paid for, the service is cancelled and no-refund will be given.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the booked and required service, you could 1) move the booking to a later date, 2) use it as a gift card for another user, 3) request a full refund. No penalty fees will apply.

What about secure items like house keys or alarm codes?

We regard the safety and security of your loved one(s) and home to the highest regard. All keys, codes or other items needed to provide the service successfully is guarded with the highest security. Items are kept in securely guarded diversified safe zones. Not only is safety core to our service offerings, but we align ourselves with the South African law as a registered PTY LTD business.

Can I change the type of service required?

Did you decide to rather have a dog and home sitter than a daily visitor? You can change any type of service to another as long as the services new costs reflect in our accounts 24 hours before the service is scheduled to be provided. If the new services cost less than those requested, you could 1) use the services for future dates, 2) send them as a gift card, 3) request a refund.

Can I have multiple services simultaneously? 

You can have them all! Perhaps you need a dog and home visitor that also walks your dogs in the day? Or if you have one home that needs a dog and home visitor, and a holiday home that needs a walker? We are here to help you. The costs remain the same and is simply added for multiple services. 

How can I pay?

Currently we only accept payments into our bank accounts. At the moment the method is the safest.

The process works as follows:


1) we send you an invoice with the total service amount, 2) you could add us as a beneficiary on your online banking. This enables you to conveniently make payments, safely and securely, 3) you pay into our bank account.


No cash is accepted as a full deposit is required for a booking. See cancellation policy for cancellations (any service could be cancelled with a refund 24 hours before the service is scheduled to be delivered).


We are looking at other methods of payment. Hold, on! We are alllmost there.

Do we accept tipping?

Unfortunately not. But we would appreciate if you could tell your friends about your experiences with us.​

What about unforseen circumstances, like sudden weather changes? 

If you had a service booked such as a specialty walk and a sudden thunderstorm or rain occurs, you can opt to 1) request the service to be transferred for use of another time, 2) send it as a gift card to someone else or 3) request a refund.

What if I don't have a dog and would like to use a home sitter or visitor?

You do not require any animal to make use of your dog and home sitting, as well as dog and home visiting services. You could gladly make use of our services if you do not have a dog. If you have other loved ones you would like us to take care of like cats or birds, please let us know in the registration form.


The prices remain the same regardless of the presence of a dog or other animals. (For animals more than 5, it is R29 extra per animal per visit).

Stil have some questions?
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