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Custom Quotes & Clients

What if you book longer times or have special requirements?

Our rates are fixed or flat fee amounts, but in some instances, we do offer custom invoice amounts. Pet services cater to a wide variety of clients and their needs in general, and can be quite complex. Thus, although we offer basic service types, there is almost always a client that falls outside the standard service requirements, due to their specific situation or needs. In these cases, we do offer custom quotes.

Custom Quote

Matching your requirements and satisfying your needs is our top priority, and therefore we outlined some examples in which we'll custom quote.

Booking Duration

Do you need our services for a long duration, such as a sitting for 3 months? For long-duration bookings, we can offer a custom rate based on the length of the booking as a token of gratitude for your support. What duration qualifies for this? We typically don't offer any discounts for bookings less than a month long, such as in the case of a sitting. This could apply to visits but not very likely to walks as the latter is usually booked on a monthly recurring basis.

Amount of Animals and Support

Our flat fee usually includes up to 5 animals, but this can vary. Consider the following: A client has 9 high-maintenance cats that require daily cleaning of the bums, bathing, drying, combing and a lot of TLC, that could take 1-2 hours a day to serve, or a client with 9 very relaxed, low-maintenance cats that simply need a little TLC and basic feeding. The former would receive a custom quote for the extra labour, whereas the latter would not. In most cases our flat fee covers most households, however, if you have multiple animals like 2 horses, 5 dogs, 3 cats and 1 guinea pig, then we'll custom quote. Even if we do, our custom quotes are aligned with our pricing philosophy of excellent quality for a fair price.

Special Animals

We generally take care of dog and cats, but we also cater to a wide variety of animals like horses, parrots, budgies, mice, rats, guinea pigs, or even sustaining kids school assignment silkworm projects. If you are not sure if we can assist, please do give us a call to enquire.

Extra Home Requirements

We normally look after your home and its entirety in terms of additional requests such as cleaning the pool, watering the garden or pot plants, or letting domestic workers in or out. However, if your garden is gigantic and you want us to spend 3-4 hours a day watering it by watering can in entirety daily, or shuttle domestics to and from taxi ranks, or vacuum and clean your entire 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home to perfection daily to suck up every hair from 6 dogs and 2 cats, then a custom amount for the labour will apply. We only adhere to the strictest hygiene standards for even our most cleanliness orientated clients, but in this example we refer to going beyond care and to detailed home cleaning.

Custom Clients

We cater to a large variety of clients that differ in their needs, values, requirements, and service quality expectations.

We have experience with almost any type of client and cater to all property sizes or values. Whether you are a student in need of a puppy sitter while you are at class, or a mom that's going on holiday and needs a sitter for her other (4-legged) children, or a business traveller that needs entire piece of mind, we've got you covered. From serving 1 dog in a bachelor flat, to an average R 4 mil home with 2 dogs and 3 cats, to VIP clients with property values upwards of R 50 mil that needs total discretion, to farm owners with horses, dogs, cats, and more to serve, we've got the skills and experience to assist you.

Remember, we are a team. In most cases, we've got the best person for your specific requirements. Need someone strong to handle your big energetic dogs? We've got it. Need a caring soul that can provide special care for an old dog? We've got it.

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